Dragon's Designs

We have much to be proud of here at Dragon's Designs.  Our
Therapeutic Jewelry is of the highest quality and we have
succeeded in bringing this wonderful product to you.  It has
taken years of hard work, blood sweat and tears, literally.  But
we never gave up hope that the gemstones would lead us into a
positive future.  We have created a perfect marriage between
gemstones and humans.  Each one helping the other to fulfill
their mission and in turn we are fulfilling ours....Togather with the
gemstones we create healing tools and with these tools humans
can help to heal themselves.  And with each human that heals
them self, Mother Earth also heals.

And we could never have done it without everyone believing in us.
Thank you to each and every customer.  For you are what keeps us
going, keeps our faith alive.  With each success story comes the
drive and faith to keep going  to keep succeeding and keep setting
higher goals and to never give in or give up despite all that stands
in our way.  So long as it is for the highest good, with harm to none  
and positive in every way, we will keep going.

So what is our current goal exactly?  And were are we
going from here?  Well we are still working on trying to
incorporate therapeutic jewelry into designer jewelry.  
Not everyone wants it announced to the world that they
need, for instance emotional healing, wearing a solid
strand of large round spheres of rose quartz kind of
gives it away.  So what if we put some rose quartz and a
little faceted quartz and a wolf pendant together, charge
it with the intent to heal the emotions and wallah
something made just for you.  We will always be able to
make just designer jewelry and or just therapeutic jewelry
for you so don't panic. And I is important to note. Not
everyone believes and or is interested in the
metaphysical properties of gemstones.  We completely
honor and respect that and are happy to offer our
designer only services in these instances.

Dragon's Designs

Designer Gemstone Jewelry

Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry

Are You interested in what we Do?
We are also in the process of copyrighting our
unique pieces so that it will be exclusive and you
know that if it does not have Dragon's Designs on it
isn't the real thing.  And believe me many have tried.
 When they are approved we will display them first
on this site.  They will be categorized in 2 main
groups Designer & Therapeutic, with each having
their own sub group.  We are ready to display some
of our copyrighted material right now and more will
come when available.  We will at that point be
looking to produce them on a larger scale.  If you are
interested in possibly being a part of this  we would
be interested in hearing from you.